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Bacterial: gram negative typhoid, gram positive staph and strep, aerobic bacteria (fevers), mycobacterial (TB), spirochete (syphilis), anaerobic tetanus, bacterial reagents.

 Bio Field Brain System: polarities, subtle bodies, chakras, directional energies, meridian energies, balancing opposite meridians, elemental energies (fire, water, air, earth, metal, ethers).

Cardiovascular: heart, heart imbalances, heart structure and function 2 sets, blood vessels, blood vessel structure and function.

Cellular cell systems/Colors: indigo, violet, purple, magenta, scarlet, red, orange, yellow, lemon, primary blues, browns, reds, green yellow and others.

Dental/Odenton Point: individual frequencies for all and each of the 32 teeth.

Dermatological: skin imbalances 3 sets, skin structure and function, facial imbalances, facial structure and function, hair and hair imbalances, hair structure and function, nail and nail imbalances, nail structure and function.

 Endocrine System:
hormones and hormonal imbalances, hormonal structure and function, pineal gland and pineal imbalances, pineal structure and function, thalamus gland and thalamus imbalances, thalamus structure and function, hypothalamus and hypothalamus imbalances, hypothalamus structure and function, pituitary gland and pituitary imbalances, pituitary structure and function, thyroid gland and thyroid imbalances, thyroid structure and function, parathyroid and parathyroid imbalances, parathyroid structure and function, thymus gland and thymus imbalances, thymus structure and function, pancreas and pancreatic imbalances, pancreas structure and function, adrenal glands and adrenal imbalances, adrenal structure and function.

 Environmental Physical Agents: magnetic influences, radiation, physical injury

 Flower Essences: physical effects, psychological effects.

 Gastrointestinal: digestive system, gastrointestinal lining, stomach, stomach imbalances, stomach structure and function, duodenum, duodenum imbalances, duodenum structure and function, small intestines, small intestine imbalances, small intestine structure and function, cecum and illeocaecal valve, cecum and illeocaecal valve imbalances, cecum and illeocaecal valve structure and function, appendix, appendix imbalances, appendix structure and function, colon, colon imbalances, colon structure and function, rectum, rectum imbalances, rectum structure and function.

Gem Stone Electromagnetic Frequencies: Hematologic (Blood, Lymph, Spleen)
blood, blood imbalances, blood structure and function, lymph, lymph imbalances, lymph structure and function, spleen, spleen imbalances, spleen structure and function.

Hepatic/Bilary (Liver/Gall bladder): liver, liver imbalances, liver structure and function, gall bladder, gall bladder imbalances, gall bladder structure and function.                             

Herbs: absorbents, alkalizers, antipruritics, antipyretics, antirheumatics, antiscorbutics, antiseptics, antispasmodics, antiphylitics, antirombics, antitussives.

Homeopathic: 360 sets too long to list…..angina, chloromytcetin, bilirubin, nephritis, hypothalamus, pyrogenium, zechenbissfieber, etc.

Immune System: immune system, immune response system, immune imbalances 2 sets, immune structure and function.

Infections Subtle Energies­: infectious disorders, inflammation, congestion, septic infections, puss/secretion, ulcers/abscesses, cysts, tumors, chlamydia, rickettsia, necrotic tissue, infectious reagents.

Mandala: sacred geometry of meridians, all 14 major energy circuits: brain, back, heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen, stomach, bladder, large intestine, small intestine, triple warmer, circulation, sex and gall bladder.

Muscle/Skeletal: muscular skeletal system, muscles, muscle imbalances, muscle structure and function 2 sets, connective tissue, connective tissue imbalances, connective tissue structure, joint imbalances, joint structure and function, bones, bone imbalances, bone structure and function, spine, spine imbalances, spine structure and function, spinal balance cervical, lumbar, cerebral spinal fluid.

Neurological System: brain, brain imbalances and dysfunction, brain structure and function, hypertrophy, uncontrolled desire to sleep, nerves, nerve imbalances disorders, multiple sclerosis, nerve function and structure, nerve cranial structure and function, vagus nerve structure and function 3 sets.

 Nutrition Metabolic: metabolism, gases, acids, blood sugar, protein amino acids, vitamins, minerals, crude minerals, nutritional supplements.

Ophthalmologic System (Eyes): eye imbalances, eyelid disorders, eyelid disorder symptoms, swollen lids, darken lids, lids open, crusted edges, Stellwag’s sign, Von Graefe’s sign, Kocher’s sign, cornea disorders, hazy vision, arcus senilis, keratitis symptomatic, corneal reflex, sclerotic, yellow, conjunctiva disorders, watery, epiphora, fixed eyeballs, purulent discharge, exophthalmos or proptosis, pupils disorders, pupils dilated, pupils contracted, vision disorders, diplopia monocular, color blindness, black specs, sparks or flashes, Garel’s sign, amblyopia, crossed amblyopia, macropia, amaurosis.

Otorhinolaryngologic Systems: (Ear, Nose & Throat) ear imbalances, congestion, otitis media, ear imbalances, labyrinthine fistula, ear structure and function, hearing and super canal, nose, nose imbalances, diphtheria, nose structure and function, sinus, sinus imbalances, sinuses structure and function, pharynx structure and function, tonsils structure and function, larynx structure and function, trachea structure and function.

Oral and Dental: oral, mouth, tongue and parotid, mouth, tongue and parotid imbalances, mouth, tongue and parotid structure and function, dental, teeth, gums and jaw imbalances, teeth gums and jaw structure and function.

Pain Producing: pain, pain killers, sharp pain, dull pain, paroxysmal, radiating pain, shifting pain, gnawing/boring pain, pain increased by food, pain relieved by food, pain relieved by food and pressure, pain increased by breathing-movement-night, referred pain, scalp tenderness, spine tenderness, lumbar, chest, breast tenderness, left and right hypochondrium tenderness, abdominal tenderness epigastrium, iliac tenderness, hypogastrium, perineum tenderness, general pain, frontal occipital unilateral headaches, eyeball earache pain, upper and lower jaw pain, neck pain, nose pain, throat pain, back pain, coccygeal pain, sacral pain, lumbar pain, inter scapular pain, breast pain, sternum pain, pericardium pain, abdominal, groin, iliac or ovarian pain, pelvis pain, full body pain, sensation of throbbing, fullness of weight.

 Parasites/Fungus: funguses and mold, parasites, worms, protozoal parasites, tissue nematodes parasites, trematodes parasites.

Psychological/Pulmonary System: lungs and bronchial, lungs and bronchial imbalances, lungs and bronchial structure and function.

Renal/Urological (Kidney/Bladder): urological, urological imbalances, urological structure and function, kidney, kidney fluid imbalances, kidney structure and function, bladder, bladder imbalances, bladder structure and function, urethra, urethra imbalances, urethra structure and function.

 Reproductive (Female): uterus, uterus imbalances, uterus structure and function, vagina, vaginal imbalances, vaginal structure and function, breast, breast imbalances, breast structure and function, ovaries, ovary imbalances, ovary structure and function.

Reproductive (Male): prostate, prostate imbalances, prostate structure and function, penis, penis imbalances, penis structure and function, testes/gonads, testes/gonads imbalances, testes/gonads structure and function, sexual imbalances.

 Testing Procedures: viruses, toxins, bacteria differential blood count, urine analysis, food allergy tests, beverages, bread, cereal, condiment, dairy products, fats, raw fruits, cooked fruits, meats, raw and cooked vegetables, nuts, seafood, sugars, environmental allergens, metal allergies, sundry allergies, fall-out rates.

 Toxins, Poisons, Pests: toxins, drugs, metals, chemicals, pests, food poisoning, poisonous plants, insecticides, misc poisons, detoxification, over-stimulation.

 Viral subtle energies: parvovirus and arena virus (fevers), central nervous system virus (polio), enter viral (inflammatory), exanthematous viral infections (childhood), respiratory (influenzas), systemic viral, viral reagents.

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