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Full access to all the most advanced technology available. Or stored in our products for more power!! You'll never need anything after using Holotech's technology.

 Smarty Charm healing codes:

This is the latest in energetic enhancing and balancing programs to bring you to optimum wellness.

This is a full spectrum, 36 human physiology categories embedded into a photographic data storage images with an unparalleled array of energy programs.

A great way to demonstrate the power of the Smarty Charm to friends and family is by taking two slices of a lemon.

Hold the Smarty Charm over the first slice for two minutes, while keeping the other slice at least 3 feet away. Taste the sourness of the non-charged slice of lemon, and then taste the charged slice!

Many people are reporting a significant difference in taste a softer and less bitter taste. Have your bodies diagnostics tested and track your vitals over time while using Smarty Charm!.

 Total body wholesome health, 32 teeth frequencies + monatomic Ormus minerals thousands healing codes makes this the best health system.

 Wear on your person throughout daytime for best results. the Smarty Charm ultimate health codes is packed with thousands of frequency codes to help inform your energetic enhancing and balancing.

This is the full spectrum, 36 human physiology categories via an unparalleled array of energy programs, you need to feel your absolute best.