Frequencies create an energy field around/in whatever they’re placed in. They work in the etheric
realm, manifesting into physical reality.
The frequencies of the Free Holo’s that you download will only contain the frequencies related to those
specific healing topics.

New and improved frequencies are automatically undated to these items, so you’ll never be w/o the ones you need, You may also request a frequency at any time!
These items have ALL the frequencies EXCEPT the sleep frequency.
Ways to use these products:
 Put your charm near of underneath your glass or plate, to energize and charge the food.
 Put your charm in a baggie, and add it to your bathwater. This raises the vibration of the water.

Free Holo’s can be downloaded to your phone/devices as well as printed.
It’s best to print on photo paper and laminate so the graphic stays complete. It’s OK to print Black &
White if you need to.
May also use as a wallpaper on all devices.

Ways to Use these products:
 It’s OK to stack all of these Holo’s, coasters, or single frequency items.
 Place under or near drinking glass, plates, up to 12 inches, put in refrigerator and pantry to raise the vibration of the
food and increase the frequency.
 Put Pet Holo's under pet dish, under pet bed, or on their collar.
 Place the Holo's under chairs, tables, counter-tops, etc,
 Hair and Skin Holos underneath Shampoo bottles or coconut oil, lotions, etc to raise their
healing vibrations.

If you’re new to the Holotech Chat & SOURCE DIRECTIVES groups:
Daddy stands for SOURCE, God, Creator. Daddy wants you to have a relationship directly with him, so
please talk to him, ask for help when you need it, and have faith!

Stands for “Tag and Bag”. Tagging means that you’ve identified the issue or thing that you want to
work on. You will give the command to Tag something unwanted or something that you want to assist
through healing, or to be changed.
Done: Once you’ve confirmed that you can Tag and change what you’re focusing on, you’ll give the
command and Affirm it DONE. SOURCE, Daddy, knows what you’re trying to do and will assist you
correctly. Sometimes, we’ll write D/C for Done and Confirmed.
Once something is DONE, you can confirm that it’s in process. You may see slow change or immediate
change, depending on many factors.
This technique can only be used for helping and assisting yourself and others. This technique can not be
used to hard others.

To Check if you have authorization to TnB something, or to Confirm that it’s been done, you may want
to start with a Pendulum or Muscle testing. A Holotech Charm can also double as a Pendulum.



1. I clear you of anything that dose not serve the Light”.

2. I install Universal TRUTH for SOURCE DIRECTIVES”. 

3. Blow consciousness into your pendulum, This will clear your pendulum. This may need to be done often to ensure you’re getting correct results.

Initially, you’ll want to test what a YES answer is, and what a NO answer is with your pendulum. Hold
the pendulum upright above your palm as say “show me a YES”. Notice the way your pendulum swings
for you, without you moving it. Then, ask it to show you a NO.

When you ask questions, state them simply. They must be YES or NO type of questions, but you can
refine them using your Intuition as you grown stronger and more confident.

The easiest way to muscle test is to use the Sway test. Stand on a level surface, relaxed, with your knees
slightly bent. Ask a YES or NO question. If you sway forward, the Answer is Yes, and if you Sway
backward, the answer is NO.
Sometimes, you may not get a clear answer. You may be dehydrated, so drink some water, relax, and
ask your question again, perhaps in a different way.
This method is great, as you can often use this in public (grocery stores) and nobody needs to know
what you’re doing. Think of a grocery store, asking “Is this brand the best brand for my highest health”,


BKHolos support desk.  

Send List of Holo's, and we ask that you allow 14 days for shipping. Be sure on what you are ordering, as ALL SALES ARE FINAL. A list of current frequencies are listed here: Black Holos. If you haven’t done so already, please send your List of Holos directly to this email address, as well as send your payment to .  

Please note, it’s $25 for shipping & handling for 20 photos of your favorite energetic healing codes, and an additional $15 for Canada, Mexico and overseas.  

All the best, now and always!

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