Question what does this Hologram do?

 A. Well that's an "Oh My God" where to begin.  It carries everything!    

  • The Infinite Love and wisdom of The One, each journey through all Creations,

  • The Return to Love, healed and whole for All and Each. 

  • It is the Pure Unity of The One.

  • And The Uniqueness of Each as their own Gift bestowed back only to them.  

  • It is the pure Christ Love-light gifted and birthed into all verses direct from The One Love Light.

  • All of the being-ness, skills, gifts of each that was held in safe keeping for Now and Henceforth.

  • All soul fragments lost are there and restored. 

  • The Truth and The Way!    

  • It's everything that is pure and true. 

 B. That is why they brought it into the core heart center of God, Source, Great Creator, Infinite Benevolence, don't even have a name to describe this purity I was not on earth when I created this.

  • It heals,

  • restores,

  • replenishes,

  • renews,

  • uplifts.

C. All corruptions, All harm, All false is dissolved into nothingness by God.  

D. This is the purity of God Within and God Around!

THE TRUTH: Of bodies, Of journeys, Of wisdom, Of teachings, Of all creation! 

 What ever you can think Of,  It is there! 

 That's why it was an 'Oh My God' question!

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