Super Blues Hologram


This Hologram is very special and very powerful. You must interact with it as if you are speaking with your guides – because you will be. There are frequencies contained in it that will activate when you ask for what you want. Imagine yourself in a bubble chamber with healing light. Whatever color you imagine is the right one.  As an example to lose weight – you might say, I ask to receive the frequencies which will best help me to lose weight in the fastest and healthiest way for my body at this time. Or if you have a health challenge you might want to say, I ask to receive the frequencies which will help my body’s immune system heal to Cosmic Blueprint Perfection – stimulating my stem cells to regenerate the cells which need to be replaced with strong healthy cells.  You must sit with this Holo and ask for what you want. What you are doing is making a connection with it.  

The more you sit with it in silence, speaking with it, the more you will get from it. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, you MUST be ready to receive what you ask for. It might manifest immediately, or it might take some time. One thing you SHALL NOT do is keep asking over and over for the same thing.  It’s like when a kid asks their Mother or Father for something and then they stand there asking and asking, over and over for the same thing.   

When you have asked the first time – and if you asked in a complete and concise way – let it go. The next time you work with or think of the Holo, thank it for bringing you what you asked for. Be watchful for signs of what you might have to do to help your request manifest.  DON’T just sit back and expect the Holo to do all the work. This is the time for you to assist in your own health and ascension.