HT Smart Charging Watch

Adult M2 Holotech Edition Bluetooth Heart Rate Fitness Tracker Bracelet Wristband...

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HT Smart Charging Watch

POWERED by Holotech promotes a new way of healing..

Using frequencies ⚛🌎❤🙏🏼 Some of the wellness frequencies included in these products are

*5G EMF Protection
*Chemical Defense, for chemtrails, bio weapons etc.
*Collagen, to promote skin repair and slow aging
*Moringa, an Ancient Chinese herbs for overall Wellness
* DEP for DNA repair enzymes and probiotics
*Anti-radiation to protect you from cosmic rays X-rays and nuclear radiation
*Brain booster for Clear thinking abilities
*Pain Relief (place the charm wherever there is pain)
*Plant stem cell frequencies is like eating fresh green vegetables
*Ormus, promotes physical mental and spiritual vitality *HGH (human growth hormone) for body repair
*Liquid meal to provide frequencies of essential vitamins
*Black seed Oil + 111 essential oils with a wide range of aromatherapy benefits *Anti-aging to support reverse aging and stopping the aging process all together *Glutathione is an antioxidant as well as promoting protein for cell synthesis
*Pineal gland decalcification abilities
*Brain Booster for focusing
*Galactic Star for enhanced manifestation *Limitless neural-net ULTIMATE processing
*Ginkgo biloba: short-term memory
*Frequencies to merge brain hemisphere's *DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), two
types of omega-3 fatty acids.
*Resveratrol: improve memory and brain function.
*Athena, promotes Beauty and healthy metabolism
*Phosphatidylserine: for preserving brain health, improve your thinking skills and memory.
*Acetyl-L-carnitine: helpful for treating a loss of brain function in the elderly
*Creatine: help's improve memory and thinking skills in people who don't eat meat.

And the list goes on

M2 Waterproof Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Tracker for iOS Android


  • Details of M2 Waterproof Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Bracelet
  • Specifications:
  • The Bluetooth smart bracelet is designed with the high grade military sensor and 4.0 Bluetooth chip set.
  • 0.42 inch high definition OLED screen, high sensitivity touch-control IC, rechargeable battery with long working time.
  • With good compatibility for IOS and for Android smart phone, convenient wrist band with multiple functions.
  • Practical wrist decoration to keep your healthy life and brings convenience.
  • Functions:
  • Dynamic Heart Rate Monitoring: optical heart rate detection.
  • Sleep Monitoring: according to their own conditions to open sleep monitoring.
  • Call Alert: vibration alert when incoming call.
  • Information Reminder: SMS, micro message, QQ information vibration.
  • Time Display: you can check the time with your hand.
  • Smart Alarm: you can add alarm in app.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: use cutting-edge Bluetooth solution.
  • Specification:
  • Item Name: Bluetooth Smart Bracelet
  • Case Material: Plastic, ABS
  • Strap Material: TPU
  • Battery Capacity: 70MAH
  • Standby Time: 300 Hours
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Display: 0.42" OLED Dialog
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Compatible: for IOS, for Android
  • Control: Touch Screen
  • Waterproof: IP67 Daily Life Waterproof
  • Sensor: Low Power Acceleration Sensor
  • Features: Time Display, Phone Call Remind, Sleep Monitoring, Sports
  • Length: 23.5cm/9.25" (Approx.)