Sport Cushioning Insoles

Athletic insoles recommended for all Sports enhances energy and durability while grounding for a SUPER performance.. Stretch Breathable Absorbent Deodorant Insole Sport Cushioning Insoles

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Grounding!! Official Holotech stamp.. Now how cool is that? All can be adjusted by cutting to size without altering the powerful frequencies, 0ne size.. These grounding CHARGED insoles bypassing the rubber foam etc in the shoe industry's & reconnecting us BACK to the Earth for healing.. These insoles allow you to connect to the Earth so the Earth is then pulling the dis-eases out of your body while restoring discomfort 

1.Easy to clean, comfortable to wear


2.Having a deodorizing effect


3.Easy and convenient to match your shoes


4.Can reduce the damage to the foot due to vibration


5.It is used for all kinds of sports shoes, such as baseball, softball, running,


climbing, golf, basketball, horseback riding, and so on. D.


6.Effectively support the arch and take the pressure off the area to


facilitate the arch of the foot fatigue and pain


7.Comfort and ventilation holes arch pressure relief, strengthen resistance