Super Smarty Pets, Keychain etc..


THIS CHARM IS AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED WITH HEALING FREQUENCIES EVERY TWO MONTHS OR SOONER!!!... FULLY CHARGED!!! New update list will be added to the Black Holo page.. These Small charms pack a punch this pendant can be used for children, pets, key-chains Etc the frequencies are just as strong as the original Man's and the woman's pendants

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POWERED by Holotech promotes a new way of healing Using frequencies ⚛🌎❤🙏🏼

Some of the wellness frequencies included in these products are

*Stem Cell Repair.. a universal frequency *Collagen, to promote skin repair and slow aging
*Moringa, an Ancient Chinese herbs for overall Wellness
*CBD Adapting Frequencies
*Ormus, promotes physical mental and spiritual vitality
*5G EMF Protection
*Chemical Defense, for chemtrails, bio weapons etc..
*DEP for DNA repair enzymes and probiotics *Anti-radiation to protect you from cosmic rays X-rays and nuclear radiation
*Brain booster for Clear thinking abilities
*Pain Relief (place the charm wherever there is pain)
*Plant stem cell frequencies is like eating fresh green vegetables
*HGH (human growth hormone) for body repair *Liquid meal to provide frequencies of essential vitamins
*Black seed Oil + 111 essential oils with a wide range of aromatherapy benefits
*Telomere Repair STOP aging PROCESS *Anti-aging to support reverse aging and stopping the aging process all together *Glutathione is an antioxidant as well as promoting protein for cell synthesis
*Pineal gland decalcification abilities
*Brain Booster for focusing
*Galactic Star for enhanced manifestation *Limitless neural-net ULTIMATE processing

And the list goes on ⚛⚡💥❤🌍