Ultimate Fat Burner


WHOLE NEW FORMULA in weight loss coasters MAKES losing weight with ease reprogramming the brain🧠 to burning stored fats, Lose 3lbs per week, increase metabolism, repairing digestive system from thyroid to stomach, killing all parasites, stop overeating, cancel out all emotional eating, decrease appetites and make better healthy food choices blocking any mind control methods through the use of negative frequencies BOOM!!

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Ultimate weight loss coaster POWERED by Holotech promotes a new way of healing.. Using frequencies Some of the wellness frequencies included in these products are

New way of healing using frequencies:
list in this coaster are as follow...

*Burning fat cells frequencies
no effects to muscle tissue
*Parasite buster frequencies to kill
parasites (tapeworms) etc.
*Healing appetite suppressant
*Rebooting thyroid gland for
proper flow
*Enzymes to safely move fat cells
to the bladder
*Metabolic booster crystalline
*Cellulite meltdown from plant
Universal DNA stem cells
*Releases water retention during
bloating period for women
*Apple cider vinegar
*Ginger tea
*Acai berry
*Vegetarian digestive enzymes
*Black seed oil
*Raw honey
*Garcinia Cambogia
*Sunflower seed oil
*CBD oil
*Cayenne pepper
*Black pepper
*Green tea
*88 proteins *Collagen, to promote skin repair and slow aging
*DEP for DNA repair enzymes and probiotics
*Brain booster for Clear thinking abilities
*Plant stem cell frequencies is like eating fresh green vegetables
*Ormus, promotes physical mental and spiritual vitality
*HGH (human growth hormone) for body repair
*Liquid meal to provide frequencies of essential vitamins
*Black seed Oil + 111 essential oils with a wide range of aromatherapy benefits *Anti-aging to support reverse aging and stopping the aging process all together *Glutathione is an antioxidant as well as promoting protein for cell synthesis